The SkyHelm Team

A group of information technology professionals passionate about cybersecurity.

The SkyHelm Difference

A group of former Electric Cooperative information technology professionals passionate about cybersecurity. We have a mission to protect America’s infrastructure from all cyber threats foreign and domestic.
Our team understands what electric cooperatives need because our architects, engineers, and cybersecurity experts have decades of hands-on experience in the co-op technology space. We give employees and members peace of mind by securing electric co-op infrastructure by helping ensure safe and reliable continuous operation.

Jeremy Dreyer

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy is a talented technology architect with more than a decade of experience working with organizations of all sizes to build business-oriented technology solutions. He has a knack for seeing past the noise, getting to the root issue at hand and solving it. At SkyHelm Technology, Jeremy leads the direction of the company and provides oversight for the technical team in their strategic and daily operations.

Jeremy lives in Denver, CO area where he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. When he’s not solving a complex technical problem, Jeremy likes to go fishing and spend time in the mountains with his family.

Travis Cleek


Travis boasts over 17 years of experience in technology innovation. His journey began as an IT Director at a multinational manufacturing firm, followed by a pivotal role at an Oklahoma electric cooperative, where he enhanced network and security infrastructures, focusing on SCADA communications and smart grid initiatives.

There, he also co-founded a fiber-to-the-home ISP, spearheading its initial business development and networking. Driven by a passion for cutting-edge technology, Travis excels in cybersecurity and operational technology, particularly SCADA systems. His tenure at the cooperative includes collaborating with skilled electrical engineers to develop the world's first real-time self-healing grid system. Continually seeking to simplify complex technological challenges, Travis's expertise lies in creating innovative, secure solutions.

Casey Davis

Chief Product Officer

Oklahoma born and raised Casey has 18+ years in experience in Systems Engineering, Information Security and Web Application Development. Casey has worked in Higher Education, Multi-site International Corporations and Critical Infrastructure.

Casey prides himself in figuring out easy solutions to problems the most cost-effective way possible. Casey is a founding member and former president of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Coops IT Association, and served as a member of the NRECA Cyber Security Member Advisory Group.

Casey enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters. He has quite a few hobbies including working with small electronics, python programming, competition BBQ smoking and is an avid world traveler.

Ryan Jenkins

Advisor, Partner

With a background in technology leadership in Utilities, Government, Business, and Higher Education, Ryan brings a unique perspective to the SkyHelm team. He likes to understand the business need and solve for those issues, sometimes with technology, other times with new leadership practices.