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Detect and respond to malware before it can launch.

SkyHelm utilizes FortiEDR. FortiEDR is a real-time endpoint security solution that proactively reduces the attack surface, and protects endpoint devices using machine learning, anti-malware, and behavior-based detection technology. SkyHelm’s 24/7 SOC has developed customized playbook responses and automated remediation procedures.

Rapid Identification and Neutralization of Active Threats

FortiEDR delivers real-time, endpoint protection. It protects workstations and servers, as well as OT systems. Provides the first layer of defense via a custom-built, kernel-level Next Generation machine-learning-based Anti-Virus (NGAV) engine that prevents infection from file-based malware.

FortiEDR boasts that it is the only solution that detects and stops advanced attacks in real-time, even when the endpoint has been compromised. FortiEDR is designed to stop ransomware and other malware in its tracks.

SkyHelm secures Cities Cooperatives Companies Critical Infrastructure with a complete security solution. Learn more below:

Inside The SkyHelm SOC

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The SkyHelm SOC

The SkyHelm SOC defends your organization 24/7.
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NOC Services

Learn more about SkyHelm's U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC)

The SkyHelm NOC

When a reliability incident occurs our Network Operations team can quickly determine the cause and the fastest way to restore.
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SkyHelm Email Security

Identify and Respond to Email Threats Fast

SkyHelm Email Security

The SkyHelm SOC defends your organization's email 24/7.
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