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SkyHelm Origin Story

At SkyHelm, our mission is to protect America’s critical infrastructure technology. Our team is passionate about solving complex technology challenges by focusing on the outcomes our customers care about and applying our extensive industry-specific experience. We provide the people, software, and hardware needed to protect against cyberthreats for IT and SCADA/OT networks. Together with your team, we design, implement, and manage complete CyberSecurity and infrastructure technology solutions for organizations like electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, public safety, ports of authority, energy, and more. With a 24/7/365 U.S. Рbased Network and Security Operations Center, SkyHelm is here to protect your organization from the rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape. SkyHelm has offices in Denver, Oklahoma City, and Houston.

TRUST and Long-Term Vision

SkyHelm aims to become an additional asset for an electric cooperative’s team. We bring an awareness of the challenges created by an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, empathy for the needs of members and a deep sense of stewardship for the communities co-ops serve. All our client relationships are built on a foundation of trust and sincerity. We are here to serve you and your membership.

We invest as much time as necessary to create strategic plans that align with the long-term goals of the cooperative. Our solutions are scalable and dynamic, allowing electric co-ops to meet milestones from now to 20 years in the future while still adapting to growth and change. If we don’t have the expertise needed to solve a problem or meet a goal, we will locate a partner that does. Regardless of where a solution stems from, SkyHelm remains a trusted partner for cooperative leadership.

The SkyHelm Difference

Our team understands what electric cooperatives need because our architects, engineers, and cybersecurity experts have decades of hands-on experience in the co-op technology space. We give employees and members peace of mind by securing electric co-op infrastructure by helping ensure safe and reliable continuous operation.
SkyHelm aims to be a valuable extension of your team in providing members with secure, reliable service. When a project begins, strategic plans are implemented with affordability and reliability in mind. Whether we perform the installation or bring in a trusted partner, our goal is always providing the most cost-effective solutions as possible.

SkyHelm secures Cities Cooperatives Companies Critical Infrastructure with a complete security solution. Learn more below:

Inside The SkyHelm SOC

Learn more about SkyHelm's U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC)

The SkyHelm SOC

The SkyHelm SOC defends your organization 24/7.
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A cybersecurity platform designed to protect rural electric cooperatives and enhance reliability.


Securing the nation's power grid requires specific, advanced technology and trained professionals.
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SkyHelm Incident Management

The SkyHelm SIRT provides incredibly fast assistance.

SkyHelm Incident Management

The SkyHelm SIRT provides incredibly fast assistance.
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